Information for the Doctoral Retreat 2015 (September 14 till 18)


Hotel rooms for all registered participants are booked from Sunday, September 13 till Friday, September 18 at

Hotel Spitzberg
Neuburger Str. 29
94032 Passau
Tel.: 0851 955480
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Doctoral Students

Simon Baumann TERRA-NEO
Tobias Fuchs DASH
Alexander Grebhahn ExaStencils
Alfredo Parra Hinojosa EXAHD
Denis Hünich none
Kamran Idrees DASH
Sebastian Kuckuk ExaStencils
Stefan Kronawitter ExaStencils
Yousri MhedhebDASH
Hannah RittichExaStencils
Christian Schmitt ExaStencils


Christie Allapatnone
Alvaro Aguileranone
Matthias Bolten ExaStencils
Christopher Brossnone
Alexander Grebhahn ExaStencils
Armin GrößlingerExaStencils
Sergiy Kolesnikovnone
Harald Köstler ExaStencils
Christian LengauerExaStencils
Wolfgang NagelFFMK
Bert Wesargnone


The photos taken during the retreat are now available: Photos


The retreat starts on Monday, September 14 at 9:00 at

Fakultät für Informatik and Mathematik (FIM)
Innstr. 33
94032 Passau
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Foot way from Hotel Spitzberg to FIM

The rooms HS 12 (Hörsaal 12) and R 028 are on the ground floor. HS 12 is opposite of the main stairway in the hallway. R 028 is next to the stairway leading downwards in the hallway.

09:00-10:30HS 12Welcome, Introduction, Overview (Christian Lengauer, Wolfgang Nagel); PDF
11:00-12:30HS 12Polyhedral Loop Optimizations I (Armin Größlinger); Slides: Part I
14:00-15:30R 028HDF5 (Alvaro Aguilera); PDF
16:00-17:30R 028HDF5 (Alvaro Aguilera)
18:30Meeting at Hotel Spitzberg to go for dinner at Heiliggeist Stiftskeller
09:00-10:30R 028Introduction to VI-HPS & parallel performance engineering, Setup for hands-on exercise (Bert Wesarg); Slides: Intro, Engineering, Setup, Score-P
11:00-12:30R 028Instrumentation & measurement of applications with Score-P, Exploration & visualization of call-path profiles with Cube (Bert Wesarg); Slides: Cube
14:00-15:30R 028Trace measurement with Score-P, Interactive visualization and time-interval statistics with Vampir (Bert Wesarg); Slides: Score-P tracing, Vampir, Cheat Sheet; Material: smxv.tar.gz, tutorial.tar.gz, scorep_bt_C.tar.gz
16:00-17:30R 028OpenMP performance engineering exercise, Conclusion (Bert Wesarg); Slides: OpenMP Exercise, Score-P Advanced
19:00 Dinner at Restaurant Zi Teresa
09:00-10:30R 242[ExaStencils Meeting, ExaStencils participants only]
11:00-12:30R 028Polyhedral Loop Optimizations II (Armin Größlinger); Slides: Part II; Material: polly-demo.tar.gz; Commands from the Polly examples: Simple, Matmul
14:00Meet for EXCURSION:
14:30- Visit of the cathedral (Stephansdom)
15:30-16:15- Boat tour
16:30- Climb to castle (Veste Oberhaus)
17:30- Descent from castle
18:00 Dinner at Restaurant Bayerischer Löwe
09:00-10:30R 028Software-Product Lines and Feature-Oriented Programming (Sergiy Kolesnikov)
11:00-12:30R 028Software-Product Lines and Performance Prediction (Alexander Grebhahn); Material (slides and software) is available on request.
14:00-15:30HS 12Assessing the algorithmic scaling behavior of PDE solvers (Matthias Bolten); Slides: Solver Performance
16:00-17:30R 028Exercises: Assessing the algorithmic scaling behavior of PDE solvers (Matthias Bolten); Material: Assignments,, Assignments.ipynb
18:00Dinner at Restaurant Akropolis Athen
09:00-10:00HS 12Introduction to Domain-specific Programming with Julia (Christopher Bross, Harald Köstler); Slides: 01_intro.pdf, 02_basic.pdf, 03_functions.pdf, 04_parallelization.pdf, 05_types.pdf; Material: CG_solution.ipynb, CG_task.ipynb, Julia_set_soln.ipynb, Julia_set-task.ipynb, SOR_solution.ipynb, SOR_task.ipynb
10:30-11:30R 028Introduction to Domain-specific Programming with Julia (Christie Allapat, Harald Köstler)
12:30-14:00R 242Discussion: Exchange between SPPEXA projects (Christian Lengauer)


If you have any questions or need any help, do not hesitate to contact Eva Reichhart (office tel. 0851/509-3071) or Armin Größlinger (cell phone 0175/8906518).