SPPEXA @ Euro-Par 2014

25.08.2014, Porto, Portugal


SPPEXA is a priority programme, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) to the tune of close to €4,000,000 per year. It started in January 2013 and has two three-year funding periods. It consists of 13 research consortia that address problems and challenges of exascale computing in six topical areas: computational algorithms, system software, application software, data management and exploration, programming, and software tools.


The workshop's goal is to serve as a platform for international guests to learn about the activities in the priority programme SPPEXA, and for SPPEXA members to learn about the progress in SPPEXA. Presentations are by invitation only and, except for an opening keynote, only by SPPEXA members. Six SPPEXA projects of particular interest to the Euro-Par community will be presented.

The papers (in the usual Euro-Par format of 12 pages 11pt LNCS style) will go into the Euro-Par 2014 workshop postproceedings. Each submission will be reviewed by three of the six committee members.

Organizers and Programme Committee



Please submit your 12-page paper satisfying all the restictions of the LNCS page style to